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July 28, 2013

I watched as she climbed the slide backwards reaching the top of a mountain constructed inside her head. She turned around and stretched her tiny legs out before her then inhaled deeply and pushed. Almost immediately, her feet felt the ground beneath them and with a swift twirl she was off to enjoy the climb again. Refusing the steps provided for convenience and practicality, Madison preferred to do it her own way.  Stubborn.  Determined.  Eager. Traits she received from both parental gene pools.

Those same traits would later be used to conquer the fear of using the steps for their intended purpose.  Several minutes compiled into several hours over the next few days spent staring at those steps with curious eyes scrutinizing every angle and detail before accepting their open invitation.  Then, one afternoon with the sun setting over her shoulder, she made the climb successfully.  I watched as she did it again.  And again.  Stubborn. Determined. Eager. Traits to be used for the rest of her life... one climb at a time. That's my girl.

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