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July 14, 2013

Farewell, Mr. Write Away.  Hello, Bradley Cowan.

That's my name and now it's my URL, too.  Mine... as in I own it. Let that soak in.

Sure it looks a little strange around here at the moment, but I'm working through the ins and outs that come with the transition of changing the name.  Why Bradley Cowan?  Again, it's my name (or a version of) plus it's easier to remember than Mr. Write Away.  There's not an obnoxious period that leaves you wondering if it's part of the web addess or not.  Punctuation.  It's so important.

This blog serves as a documented journal for myself and my family, why not put my name on it?  Literally.  Hopefully, I'll have the sidebar cleaned up and other things (about me, contact, etc.) running soon.  In the meantime, feel free to follow me on both Twitter and Instagram under my real name:  @bradleycowan

Yes, I know the buttons all point to Mr. Write Away.  I'm working on it, I promise.


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    1. Thanks! It's still a work in progress, but I'm getting there.


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