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July 18, 2013

When having a child there are certain traits you cross your fingers they inherit like nice teeth or eye color or the math gene, then there are those you pray don’t show up like health issues or crooked toes or uneven ears. I may be biased, but Madison is perfect (aren't they all?) -- it's true though she is -- except she inherited her mother’s mosquito allergy.

What an itch.

Allison can attract mosquitoes from miles around and swell up almost immediately from one meet-and-greet. It seems Madison has that same unfortunate talent. The actual bites swell up and the surrounding skin becomes very red, some of the bites even blister. Madison had a few bites after the fourth of July since we were out late in the evening watching fireworks and, absentmindedly, forgot to apply bug spray. In the days following, a few of the bites blistered and popped although she never tried to touch them or scratch them (unlike Allison with hers, she’s like a cat with a post that woman). We put a Band-Aid over the ones that seemed to be the worst; in the event they started to itch they would be more difficult for her to reach. Initially, she was hesitant about the Band-Aid itself so I threw one over my index finger to cover a battle wound from an earlier struggle with the lawnmower.

Band-Aid Buddies! Allison rolled her eyes every time I said this for the next few days, although I’m almost positive I caught her fighting back a laugh once or twice when she thought I wasn’t looking. Madison smiled and I kissed her band aids, then she kissed mine. It was then I realized exactly how our relationship works… every time I save her she saves me right back.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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