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March 4, 2013

Last week was pretty busy for me, thus the lack of posting around here.  Sorry!  I wasn't trying to neglect the blog, but sometimes life happens and you roll with it.  So there's that and there's this...

That's right.  I finally gave in and broke up with my BlackBerry and fell in line with the rest of the iPhone sheep.  It didn't win me over at first as I still found myself longing for the ease of my BlackBerry, it's familiar and we've been together forever.  Now?  I love my iPhone.  I get it.  I understand why people say it's the only phone you'll ever have, blah blah blah.

Everything is all in one place.  Music.  Social Media.  Pictures.  Videos.  Games.  Blogging.  It's all there in the palm of my hand and while BlackBerry tried to make it work, I had to pop that battery out more times than I wanted to because of freezing issues... and I was over it.  Over.  it.

I know I'm late to the app party, but I've become addicted.  I love the TiVo app since it allows me to control my TiVo box on my phone.  Seriously, being able to set recordings and modify or delete them or even watch them right from my phone makes life so much easier.  Plus there's no more "remind me to set the TiVo to record..." when Allison or I hear someone suggesting a new show.  Speaking of new shows, please tell me you're watching The Following on Fox.  It repeats on FX a lot in case you've missed it.  I can't turn away from it.  If only I can get the Netflix app to work, it keeps telling me my username/password is incorrect and I've even changed it to make sure it's not... still no luck.

Again, I know I'm late here but Draw Something is fun.  I'm sure I'll be tired of it soon like the rest of the world, but for now I'm enjoying poorly drawn finger pictures and the coins I'm hoarding for guessing correctly.

I'm also addicted to Instagram.  I know. I know.  Late.  I get it, but it's new for me.  I like the simplicity of it... where Facebook gives people the opportunity to say too much and Twitter limits them sometimes leaving a sea of sentence fragments to swim through, Instagram is the baby of the two proving a picture is worth a thousand words.  Perfection.  Follow me here if you want.  Warning:  I'm that parent so you'll see the obligatory "my daughter is cute, see?" pictures along with some other really random photos.

Since I mentioned her, it's probably worth saying that Allison and I enrolled little Miss Madison in preschool this week.  I can't even begin to explain how hard this decision was for us.  She'll only be attending two days a week for three hours each day so it's a nice transition for us and her... she needs some social interaction with kids her age. That's what we keep telling ourselves. She starts in the Fall so we have some time to get used to the idea before she actually starts attending, but I can already tell we're going to drop her off and she's going to run in laughing and screaming without even turning around to tell us goodbye.  They grow up too fast!

Also, and this is probably what I'm most excited about, I'm starting my novel.  No, I don't have a book deal but one isn't needed to write... and I need to write.  I've got the synopsis nailed down and the main character analysis is done, now I'm working on the outline before beginning the first chapter.  Hopefully, I can translate the book in my head onto paper (or the computer screen, I'm not writing this thing in a notebook with a pen).  Even if it doesn't ever see publication, I can at least say I wrote a book from beginning to end.  It's been a dream of mine since I was little and with my 30th birthday around the corner, it's time to make it happen.

So what have you been up to?  Any big changes happening?  Can you believe it's March already?  Any suggestions for troubleshooting the Netflix app?

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Note:  This was not in any way a sponsored post.  All opinions are my own and I was not paid or swayed to write about any of the things mentioned above... I just wanted to because I like them plus I'm the boss of this blog.


  1. Aw, your daughter is cute! You all do fine with preschool! And I don't have Netflix so can't help. Good luck on that novel! Awesome draw somethings! I was so addicted to it when it first came out. My interest has dwindled though! And it was like the first app I ever paid for. Money not well spent!

    1. Thanks! Preschool is a whole new world for us.


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