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December 7, 2012

The worst part of a live Christmas tree is crawling underneath to water it.  You have to lift the lower branches which then covers your floor in tree needles... once you place presents around the bottom, you have to pull those out to allow yourself access to the stand and to avoid getting them wet... it's such a chore.  So imagine my excitement when we stumbled upon this...

...a watering spout for your Christmas tree.  Stop!  Where was this thing last year?  If it's been around forever and I didn't know about it, I'm pissed sad.  Here's a brief back story - I grew up with an artificial tree - every year we'd pull out the box from the attic and color code the branches into piles then place each one in its designated row until the entire tree was assembled.  Done!  String some lights and hang some ornaments and there wasn't any maintenance to be had until it was time to take the tree down.  I was always a little (only a little) jealous of others that had a live tree in their living rooms.  Real trees are so full and... real.

Last Christmas was Madison's first Christmas and the first Christmas in our new house (it was technically the second since we moved in on Christmas Eve the year before, but there wasn't a tree or stockings so it doesn't count) and we wanted to start our own traditions - one being a live tree.  Allison grew up with a live tree and explained to me there are two kinds of people in the world:  real tree people and artificial tree people.  So I had to make a decision!  We bundled Madison up and headed to the tree lot.

I knew absolutely nothing about picking out a tree.  I knew I wanted it as big as our house would accommodate, but other than that I was clueless.  After a quick tutorial and a shake test demonstration, we were hunting our way through the maze looking for the one.  We found it.  We took it home and I was in love.  No more artificial trees for me, I was officially a real tree person.  And somewhere along the way this picture happened...

Then came time to water it.  Every.  Single.  Day.  My level of love slowly started to sink to a level of like as I began to hate crawling under this tree with a pitcher of water every afternoon.  However, watering aside the live tree was beautiful and I really was sold on the idea and uttered the words to my wife that every woman yearns to hear... you're right.  Fast Forward to this year and we went tree hunting during the day..

...and my parents mentioned a watering spout they saw at Lowe's that made them think of us.  After they explained how it worked (I'm a visual person and needed more details) the wife and I made a point to swing by the store to get one.  And get one we did... the very last one.  Sorry to anyone that came in after us!  This spout really is a must have for anyone with a live tree.  The gist is you stick the spout down through the tree all the way into the base then you pour water in the cup-like end and let it run down into the base.  There's a dipstick to check the water level, as well, so you know what the water situation is without having to move the presents and crawl under there to check.  Genius!

Plus it's not an eyesore, you just tuck it down into the tree in an area that's easy to get to for watering but not obvious to anyone admiring your ornaments.  Like I said, we got ours at Lowe's but they can be found anywhere (here or here for example)... get one for yourself.  I insist!  Unless of course crawling around under trees is your thing, in which case keep doing you.

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