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21 by ADELE

December 31, 2012

According to iTunes, Adele's 21 was the best selling album of 2012 so what better way to round out the last Music Monday of the year than reviewing the most popular collection of songs from the last 12 months.

Released in early 2011, the album 21 is arguably the best music we've been treated to in quite a while (evidenced by the fact it's still relevant and doing well on the charts heading into 2013).  Plus Adele won six - SIX! - Grammy's for this album alone.  Amazing. 

Every song is vocally flawless.  Adele has a way to make you feel every note she delivers whether she's humming along with the background or slipping into a high note or throwing around that trademark squeak of hers to break up the melody.  Her phrasing has become her signature and separates her from the rest of the current vocalists.  She's a genius.  Her first CD was great.  This CD was even better.  I cannot wait to hear the next one.  It's obvious this album was born from heartbreak and while sad, sometimes pain morphs itself into the best form of art.  Especially music.  Just ask Alanis Morissette.  However, love can also reveal itself in song form and since Adele has experienced the purest form of love by having a baby in the last year... her next album may just top this one.

From the infamous Rolling In The Deep to the infectious claps of Rumour Has It to the passion of Set Fire To The Rain and the raw desire in Someone Like You, Adele is able to do what many other artists fail so miserably at... and that is to make you hang on every inflection, on every note and then have you beg for more.

Adele's voice is incredible!  If you don't have this album yet, what are you waiting for?  The ball to drop?  Get it.

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