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November 5, 2012

It’s Monday… again… which means we’re back to working for the weekend. But it also means the time has come to turn up the music! Music Mondays are a way for my house to get past the fact the week has started over and there are five more days to freedom. The wife and I turn up the tunes and get the little nugget dancing while we sing loudly (and badly). Typically, this happens as soon as we get home from work and continues through the preparation of dinner and into bedtime. Madison loves it! Since it is such a good time, I’ve declared it Music Monday on the ol’ blog, as well. Every Monday you can find an album (or song) review right here. The music could be old or new as long as it’s music, it’s fair game. So grab a hairbrush (or whisk, if you’re in the kitchen) for your microphone and throw on your dancing (bedroom) shoes… we’re kicking it off with Madison’s favorite CD of the last year.

The Lady Killer by Cee Lo Green. Extremely inappropriate for a one year old, I’m aware. I’m not sure if the little one likes it so much because the wife and I played it out during the pregnancy or what exactly the deal is… but she loves it. LOVES. IT. For the last year, it’s the only CD we have her permission to listen to if we’re traveling back from the weekly grandparents visit at night. Otherwise, we’re given a front row seat to the How-Loud-Can-She-Scream concert. As a result, I think Mr. Green should release this album again and title it the The Baby Whisperer.

Although some of the subject matter is not the best for a tot's ears, the music is great and the CD as a whole is probably among my list of favorites (said list may be posted at a later date – get excited). Since I’ve heard it 1,656,543 times at this point, I’m going to break it down for you track-by-track so you’ll know what to expect, what to play on repeat and what to skip altogether. You’re welcome.

  1. The Lady Killer Theme (Intro) Typical introduction to a themed album, but it's nothing worth listening to more than once.
  2. Bright Lights Bigger City  A fun song with a subtle Michael Jackson type beat.  Cee Lo performs it in somewhat of a speak-and-sing manner, but it will have you bobbing your head and/or tapping your foot by the second chorus.
  3. Forget You  If you have the unedited version... this song is called something else.  Regardless, it's probably considered his signature song since it put him on the map for most people who didn't know of him prior to.  It's a great song, catchy and easy to sing along to.  I think the background vocals are the best part.
  4. Wildflower  The longest track offered on this album at just over 4 minutes provides clever lyrics and almost makes you forget what he's talking about.  I'll admit I wasn't sold on this song right out the gate, but after a few listens it grew on me and is probably one of my favorites from this collection.
  5. Bodies  Witty yet kind of boring... you could skip.
  6. Love Gun  Brilliant.  This is a duet with Lauren Bennett and they both deliver.  It's a good time with great lyrics complimenting good music that flows with the whole "Lady Killer" theme.
  7. Satisfied  An old school vibe with background vocals provided a la Diana Ross and The Supremes style.  Cee Lo provides the verses then backs away and lets the ladies in the back do most of the work for the chorus.  It's fun.  It's bouncy.  It sounds like you've heard it before and you'll probably play it back again.
  8. I Want You  Here we finally get to experience Cee Lo open up vocally a little bit and take note that behind the crazy costumes and the sunglasses there's a real voice there.  This is another solid track and if you're pressed for time, one of the ones you should jump ahead to.
  9. Cry Baby  Warning: this song will get in your head and stay there for hours.  I find myself singing this song at the most random moments on various days.  It has a feel good beat even though the subject isn't exactly happy... a conflict that will have you from the first line. (If this makes you cry / Doll I didn't mean it.)
  10. Fool For You  My second favorite off the album.  The quick lyrical wit offered is often unparalleled these days and the chorus will bring you in and hold you there.  It's a really good song that evokes that feeling of helplessness that we all feel when in love and it does it well.
  11. It's OK  Another song that I skipped when I first listened to the CD, but again find myself going back to it wondering what I didn't like before.  It's about losing someone and still wanting them back... catchy, but the title says it all.  It's okay.
  12. Old Fashioned  Hands down the best track on the album.  It's kind of a hidden gem tucked away at the end, but it's the song to hear if you have to choose just one.  Cee Lo offers the best vocal performance of the entire compilation here and will leave you thinking that dude can sing!  The styling is a throwback, static mic, record type vibe but it's flawless from beginning to end. 
  13. No One's Gonna Love You  Another lost love song which gives me the impression behind the lady killer facade, Cee Lo has had his heart broken a time or two.  Nonetheless, it's very well written and captures the end of a relationship almost perfectly.
  14. The Lady Killer Theme (Outro)  Same as the intro, it bookmarks the album but just skip it and go back to track 12 or 10 instead.
Overall, it's an enjoyable album!  Regardless of whatever the current headlines say, Cee Lo is talented and this CD is evidence of that.  I highly recommend giving it a try if you haven't already.  Original and energetic with a throwback to the music that obviously influences and inspires Cee Lo.  Many other artists attempt to incorporate their inspiration and often fail miserably as a poor imitation yet here Cee Lo does it effortlessly.  However, we've played it out and I can't wait for another release from him to replace this one... at least for a while.  I'll more than likely pick up his Christmas album this holiday season; Christmas is a big deal around these parts and we try to add a new CD to the Christmas collection each year.  I'll be sure to let you know how it sounds (here).

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