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September 27, 2012

One thing we've neglected to do since we purchased our townhome is hang a wreath on the door.  That came to an end recently when my wife decided to DIY one of her own since Fall has arrived. (Ignore the color of the door and the horrendous 'B' ... thanks to HOA, we can't do much about those. Yet that doesn't stop us from really, really wanting to!)

Here's how she did it!  First, we went to Michael's (although I'm sure any local craft store will have a similar selection) to purchase a styrofoam ring and a roll of yarn.  Once back at the casa, she started wrapping the yarn around the ring until it was completely covered.  With a dab of hot glue from the ol' glue gun to hold down the first wrap around and another dab at the end to hold the last wrap around down, this guy looked much better wrapped in a yarn sweater.

She then decided to use some yarn in a thinner, contrasting color to wrap sporadically which eventually formed an 'X' pattern.  She stepped back and looked at it, then came to ask my opinion and I liked it so we both decided to leave it... it wasn't glued down so we could always remove it later.  The darker yarn was secured by tucking it under in the back.

We also stopped by a local fabric store to pick up some felt, but the selection wasn't great so we ended up purchasing felt and some fleece...  we paid $3 for it all and we got 6 colors total.  Allison wanted to make some flowers like the ones she saw here.  She started with the one that resembled a Mum.  To do so, she cut a long strip of the felt/fleece then folded it in half gluing the edges together.

Once the entire strip was glued, she started cutting little slits along the length careful not to cut all the way through the glued end.

Then she started to roll that bad boy stopping for a dot of hot glue every so often to make sure it stayed together.  The end result looked like this (sorry it changed colors, we ultimately went with a yellow mum instead of orange).

Next, she decided to make a few roses using the template and method found here.  Printing the template and then pinning it to the felt of choice made it easier to cut around.

Just like the last flower, roll this into itself stopping for a dot of glue every so often along the way and you'll end up with this...

We made a smaller one in a different color then wrapped a larger one around it to create the two-tone affect.  Just manipulate the template to create the size you desire!  After the flowers were made, they needed leaves - right?  A small leaf template and a few cuts later and BAM they all had leaves.

Then came time to attach the flowers and leaves to the actual wreath; we used straight pins and after playing around with placement stuck the pins through to the styrofoam to hold everything in place.

That 'B' looks terrible... we're going to have to do something about it!  There it is, a wreath to get us through Fall.  We tied a small loop of yarn at the top to hang it by and on the door it went.  Of course, there are all kinds of variations that can be done for different seasons/occasions/etc. - you're only limited by your imagination.

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